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Curatorial essay for Vision Creep screening,  Pleasure Dome, 2021

Recoiling From the Sun  /  Exhumations  /  Under the Floor, Behind the Walls

Publication essay for Of Several Depths, the plumb, 2021

Aspic Sculpture (Parts I - IV)

Public Parking, 2021


In catalog for Logics of Sense 2: Implications, published by the Blackwood Gallery, 2019

But Seeing Through Whose Eyes: Call Me By Your Name and the Mechanisms of Love and Fantasy

Offscreen. Vol 22, Issue 9. Forbidden Love, Cinematic Desires, 2018

Embalming and Erosion in Andrew Testa's All The Other Things

Cross Process, Vol 2, 2018


Pulse, Power, and Politics: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's Unstable Presence

Graphite Publications, 2018

Written in Sponge

Paper for a performative lecture, presented at Navigating the Cyber Sea symposium, 2018

Review of Ed Atkins' Modern Piano Music at Montreal's DHC ART 

Graphite Publications, 2017




The Specific, Irreducible Element

Exhibition essay for You can draw a straight line, written by Kate Whiteway, 2022

The Politics of Sensing

Feature review written by Maya Wilson-Sanchez, published by Canadian Art, 2019

'Logics of Sense 2: Implications'

Catalog Essay written by Christine Shaw, published by the Blackwood Gallery, 2019

'Two or Three Saprophytes'

Catalog Essay written by Lauren Fournier, published by the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, 2019

LandEscape Contemporary Art Review, Special Issue 8

Feature and interview, 2016

Art Reveal Magazine, Issue 21

Feature and interview, 2016

'Miles Rufelds' Luscious New Minimalism'

Exhibition Essay written by Daniel Jolliffe, published by PDA Projects, 2015

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