Miles Rufelds is an artist, writer, and researcher based in Toronto.


Rufelds’ research-based projects bring together video, photography, sculpture, text, sound, and performance to explore the political axes that underpin everyday material systems under capitalism. 


Spanning a variety of subjects and disciplines, from chemical manufacturing, industrial waste treatment, and refrigerated transportation to international telegraphy, colonial agriculture, and the materiality of photographic film, Rufelds' projects often fixate on how large, brutal infrastructural lineages are reflected in minute, quotidian materials, and vice-versa.

Starting from deep dives of research into these systems' technical, scientific, and political origins, Rufelds' films and exhibitions often experiment with forms of narrative and storytelling, working to contextualize these material systems within broader structures of imperial capitalist hegemony, and trace their intersections with histories of ecology, labour, militarism, colonial extraction, agriculture, and artistic/cultural production.